General Practitioner Advanced Certificates

General Practitioner Advanced Certificates

General Practitioner Advanced Certificates

The General Practitioner Advanced Certificate has been developed for Veterinary professionals who wish to advance their knowledge, progress their academic qualifications and gain recognition in their field.

In partnership with Improve International, Scivac and Harper Adams University the GPAdvCert programme is designed for veterinary surgeons who have already completed a General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert)* and wish the deepen their knowledge.  The General Practitioner Advanced Certificate has been validated by Harper Adams University, and candidates who have obtained the PgC have an option to progress to a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced veterinary Practice Sciences.

*The GPAdvCert level is for veterinary surgeons who want to advance their learning or want to achieve the GPAdvCert. To achieve the GPAdvCert, you should have already attained the General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert) or Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) no more than five years before the start date of your GPAdvCert programme. If your GPCert or PgC was awarded more than five years ago then you will need to undertake an exam to assess your current level of knowledge within that subject area in order to progress to undertake the GPAdvCert assessments. You are able to attend this programme if you do not hold the relevant qualifications as these guidelines only apply if you want to attain the GPAdvCert. There is an opportunity for your colleagues who hold equivalent qualifications from another provider to also join these programmes. Please contact us for further details.

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