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General Practitioner Certificate in Business and Professional Studies



Enrolment for the GPCert(B&PS) examination is a one off payment of £450.

Please note that as from 2013 this examination will be replaced with the new General Practitioner Certificate in Business Management and Entrepreneurship qualification.  

The GPCert(B&PS) course has been accredited by ESVPS as being a suitable education programme based on the course content and the calibre of the tutors delivering the taught course.

Candidates are required to study all areas of the course syllabus, which comprises taught and non-taught areas. Full details of the course syllabus will be available in the course handbook on registration.

Successful GPCert(B&PS) candidates can use the qualification to go on and gain the ‘A-PKS.1’ module of the RCVS CertAVP. Candidates will be required to register with Hartpury College, a faculty of the University of the West of England, and complete additional course work and a final assessment process.


To achieve the GPCert(B&PS) candidates must complete and pass the following:

Candidates will also be required to complete the following additional study: ESVPS will send regular email reminders of submission dates and details of the final examination.

Candidates must inform ESVPS of any change of contact details during the course period.

On successful attainment of the GPCert(B&PS) candidates will be awarded with a personalised certificate and their name will be included in the ESVPS register of General Practitioner Certificate holders.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?
Candidates can comfortably achieve a GPCert(B&PS) qualification within one year, but have up to three years in which to complete the training programme and examination.

The total amount of time spent will vary from candidate to candidates. An average candidate will spend between 10-15 hours per month on the private study, reflective learning and the completion of the open essays.

What if I am not successful in passing one of the components of the examination?
Candidates are required to pass all components of the examination to gain the GPCert(B&PS) qualification. Candidates who fail their open essay(s) will be given clear indications where they were unsuccessful and guidelines on how to complete their essay(s) to the required standard. Candidates who are unsuccessful in the final examination will be given a breakdown of the areas they were weakest in and additional study recommended. There is a nominal fee to re-sit the final examination.

Is tutor support available?
Yes, a tutor support service is available.

How do I get started?
Download and complete the Registration Form (link above in the Downloads section).

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Examination and Submission Dates

GPCert(B&PS) examination:
15th November 2012

Open Essay submission (and resubmission):
31st August 2012

Next enrolment for the GPCert(B&PS) examination:
29th February 2012 for the November 2012 examination.

Examination venue:
Royal Agricultural College

Note: The GPCert(B&PS) examination will be invigilated by representatives of ESVPS.


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